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Written on 2022-08-06 04:39:00

I had a sudden moment of clarity, not 10 minutes before the writing of this post. It dawned on me that my digital library is almost entirely of philosophical wankage. The few texts on practical knowledge are esoteric in nature; Electric Arc Lighting and a Holley Carburettor Tuning guide. Even the former provides little in the way of practical advice, rather implementation specifics and figures. This posits a grave concern, for all the knowledge of philosophical idioms won't actually contribute to me accomplishing anything.

This is, with upmost certainty, the path of the solipsist.

It's far too ironic to produce nothing while maintaining a false pretence of philosophical grandeur. If any of my ideas are worth noting, let that be demonstrated with the results of my labor. It is well within my reach to choose the path of the polymath. And so, the search for a datum is over: I mark my own, fine-lined in soapstone.


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